Meet the Chickens!

Back in April, we got chickens! They started out teeny tiny and very peep-y and now they are heading towards fully grown and some have started laying.  And, I have officially become The Chicken Lady.  I have a million posts planned to share more about our chickens and promise to go back and show our chick days, the coop and more, but for now, here are the girls, almost full grown (I think?) now at 6 months.

Pippi the Red Sex Link: Super layer, most friendly and adoring of humans, avidly hungry, a smart and wily escapee/adventurer. Our smallest chicken.

Beatrice and Halley (as in the comet) are two Black Langshans from the same hatchery.  They look SO similar, I have an extremely hard time telling them apart!  Their combs are very slightly different, and one tends to be more shy (but sometimes they switch, so that doesn’t help much!).  They are HUGE chickens and good friends, often sticking together, though they are very laid back and friendly with all the other chickens too.

Here is my best guesses with individual photos of the langshans.

Beatrice the Black Langshan: Very shy, but calm and friendly with other chickens

Halley the Black Langshan: approaches people on occasion but not super social, calm and laid back with other chickens

Rosie the Barred Plymouth Rock: Social but generally prefers not to be picked up. Strong personality, kind of a bully with the lower order chickens (trying to preserve her place in the pecking order).  Does not want to miss out on anything!

Tulip the Easter Egger:  Friendly and interested in everyone, rarely bothers other chickens but always knows what’s happening.  Top chicken, we think?  She is HEAVY.  And pretty (despite, or perhaps because of the beard)!

Bonney the Easter Egger:  Easy-going, friends-with-everyone chicken.  Raised with Annie, so they are buddies.

Annie the  Buff Orpington:  Sweet but sooooo shy.  Super soft and fluffy.  Skittish around people and chickens, often keeps to herself or on the periphery, though she is buddies with Bonney and the big black langshans.

More coming soon!  Can’t wait to show you the coop and the eggs! And those sweet baby chick pictures!

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