Fingerpainting in the driveway

A few weeks ago at school, the girls and I spotted some fun in the studio that was hard to just pass by.  Jaala and some of the K-2 kids were fingerpainting on the table on sheets of clear plastic and it looked pretty awesome. I love color mixing and tactile experiences with paint!  Luckily when she saw us(me) ogling the fun she gave us the remains of the plastic roll they were painting on.  It fit our skinny work table perfectly, so last weekend we busted out the paint in the driveway…

Elsie and Delia had lots of fun smearing the paint around.  Elsie’s tongue always comes out when she is concentrating, ha.

Elsie and Delia moved around the table freely at first, then settled on a spot of their own when Emma joined in.  Two’s a party but three’s a crowd when it comes to group art at our house, it seems.

I grabbed some paper and we did prints of the pictures and marks they made.  Easy, super cool.  I am hoping to hang some of them in  a photo curtain like this in our dining area.  We really need a curtain there!

Our neighbor Haven came over to give it a try, but didn’t want to touch the paint with her fingers.  So we got some sticks.

Three cool projects in one, and after we were done I sprayed it all off on the driveway with the hose and rolled it up for another day! Thanks Jaala, we had fun and will do it again, for sure!

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