Math Game: Roll To 100

For three days last week and now today, Emma has been sick and missing school.  During Elsie and Delia’s nap time, Emma and I played a game that I faintly remembered having my kindergarteners and 1st graders play back in the day.

We grabbed our laminated 100’s board poster (you can get these at teacher supply stores).  Then gathered the other materials needed. We named it “Roll to 100”.

Materials: 100 board poster, dice, game pieces from another game, paper, pencil


  • 100’s board poster (I recommend laminating for durability!)
  • 2-3 dice
  • game pieces from another game
  • paper & pencil if you want to keep score

How to play: 

  1. Line up the game pieces right before the number “1”.
  2. Roll to see who goes first, or have youngest go first
  3. Roll the dice (we started with 2), and add up the number on the two dice.  Move that many squares on the 100’s board
  4. Record what number you rolled next to your name (for us it’s easier for now for me to record, kids can also do their own recording as their skills progress!)
  5. Next players turn, roll & record.
  6. Continue adding the sum of each roll as a running addition problem on your recording sheet.
  7. The person who gets to 100 (or beyond!) first is the winner!
  8. We continued until all players rolled to 100
  • I am sure there are many ways to record, including recording the two (or three) numbers on your dice and the sum as a simple math equation (2+4=6) but not doing the running total, adding the running total in a vertical orientation, or other variations.  See what makes sense to you!
  • For the simplest play, just use one dice!  For a challenge, do 3!  We started with two but switched to three halfway through.

Roll to 100 recording sheet -- running total

Skills Covered:
I found this game touched on a ton of math skills that were great practice and made for good discussion.  Here are some of them.
  • simple number recognition, counting and adding (reading the dice)
  • writing & recording numbers, creating and writing equations
  • recognizing number patterns
  • learning about 10’s in a visual way
  •  adding 10’s and 1’s, adding 10’s and 10’s
  • the concept of “greater than” and “less than”
  • familiarity and counting with larger numbers, up to 100
I imagine there are others I’m not thinking of.  It was a fun game, Emma loved it, and we will definitely be playing again!

Emma playing Roll to 100

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