Color Mixing Water Play

Sometimes I need a quick activity for a kid and this one never fails me.  This particular day Emma was having a rough time and needed to do something away from her sisters.  I like doing this up on the counter so that whoever is working on it is up at my level and the other kids are removed from it a bit.  I let each girl have a turn after the initial kid plays with it as long as she wants.


  • tray(s) (recommended for containment)
  • cups, bowls, pitchers for water
  • muffin tin pan(s)
  • food coloring
  • droppers (I use old kid medicine droppers mostly)


The basic gist:  Set out the tray, fill a pitcher with water (if you are willing to let your kid pour water themselves) and decant into smaller bowls/glasses (clear works best for seeing the colors well, but plastic would work fine to for toddlers!).  I drop a few drops of food coloring in each bowl and let her stir.  Then, let her start squirting!  My little ones need reminders about how to use the droppers, but after that they are off and running.  If everything fills up you can dump and refill.  We usually fill the bowls two twice per session before they lose interest…..

Fun times!  Let me know if you try this or if you have any suggestions to add! 

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