Outdoor Fun: Shaving Cream Play

Here’s something we did this week that was a total hit!  And sooooo easy.  Start with a cheap can of shaving cream.  Get them on sale! I squirted it into repurposed foam mushroom boxes (great for many types of projects, in fact!)

Next, squirt in the food coloring.  Ooooh, pretty!

Now, they could have jumped right in with their hands here, but that can stain with the food coloring and my girls are a bit cautious at first.  So, we went with sticks.  Stir it up!

Emma is dubious.

The plastic animals were a hit.  They dove right in!

Somebody wanted a wash so we brought a bucket over…then another…

Eventually Elsie and Emma lost interest, but Delia played out in the front yard for more than an hour and a half.  Having so much fun! (Yes, shaving cream play requires a helmet, as does many activities around our house these days.  Haha!)

Delia ended up with a colored shaving cream stain on her skirt, which I was lamenting, but then I soaked it in water for an hour or two and it disappeared!  Hooray!  I’d recommend play clothes, though. We walk on the wild side here with regards to this sometimes.  They did have aprons, though!  They hate wearing anything wet so it helps them play and stay comfortable for longer.

Try it & let me know how it goes!  This is great outside, obviously, but I think it would be fine inside too (if you keep it in the kitchen, perhaps?).  My girls love playing with shaving cream straight on the table, without the food coloring, as well.

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