Our Mud Pie Kitchen

Since we snagged our awesome play structure from the neighbors two years ago, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the underside area, that has mostly been unused, overgrown with grass and weeds. Sand box? No, have one already, don’t want to attract cats. Playhouse?  Maybe, but how to make it work outdoors?  After a visit to the Seattle Children’s Playgarden, and a lot of lovely browsing on Pinterest, I came up with a plan…

Emma and I went shopping at Goodwill and came home with a bunch of pots & pans & utensils.  Then we weedwacked the jungle growing under there and put a good layer of wood chips in.  I dragged over a wood planter to use as shelf/pot storage unit, hammered in some nails to hang things, then brough a tub or two to fill with dirt (just dug from the garden!).  Then we filled the water table nearby. I want to get some buckets to use instead of this eventually, but for now, it works.

The girls liked using the measuring spoons and cups — they were a hit!  As were the utensils — we’ve collected metal and plastic spoons, a whisk, and meat tenderizer, a ladle, and a spatula.

Delia got really into collecting things around the yard to mix in and decorate her concoctions.  Flowers, grass, and leaves were all beautiful additions.

The girls had fun!  I hope many more happy hours are spent cooking in our mud pie kitchen!

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